About the Artist

The Artist - Flame BilyueI started recreating the world around me as soon as I could hold a crayon or play with clay, shapes and colors. I love the natural world – and the supernatural world for that matter. As a child I enjoyed the rhythms of nature and sought out peak experiences in the pure joy of the sky, earth, trees and animals.

I’ve been inspired by other artists who create hidden images – worlds within worlds. I like to surprise and intrigue the viewer with subtle figures, faces and creatures woven into a tapestry of woods and moonlit lakes. Most of all I enjoy the reminder that there is a depth to the natural world that we rarely see.

As an artist I like to create a mystical, magical experience where we are transported to unknown realms full of beauty and vibrancy. I enjoy using bright, colorful images that evoke dreams of ecstatic play and that call the heart to dance – images that tap into our childlike wonder.

There’s a miraculous moment in painting, where I fall into a timeless trance that connects me with my higher self. For me it is an exploration into greater spiritual connections with the divine source of life. The viewer is invited to imagine and embrace the many mysteries of the universe.

It pleases me greatly when a painting moves the heart and soul and inspires creativity, joy and playfulness. From that place we can experience a sense of freedom from our know boundaries and step into new possibilities.

Ask about commissioned art. If you would like a special painting created for you or someone else please contact me. I will be willing to consider your request.