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Branching Out

I even got some painting in!

Thanks to Campout, and the organizers of the Virginia Women’s Music Festival, for another wonderful year.

This year was the best yet for me on many levels. Perfect weather worked well, not least because my easy-up was on its last legs!

Cindy, my helper this year, was awesome, skillful, talented, organized and very creative. (I could go on!). I told her one of her jobs was to make sure I had fun, and she succeeded so well. Her ideas for the display made my life much easier, and I felt completely at ease leaving her in charge of the booth. This gave me a freedom I’ve never had before.

As usual, I felt completely taken care of by organizers and workers! And the women who attend are wonderful – one participant brought me an orange, another, a beer.

Painted pieces

This year, not only was I able to bring new artwork to the event, but I also brought my sculptured paper jewelry. I was happy with the reception – people seemed to love them.

Sales this year were almost as good as my first year there. On top of this, I had wonderful trades with the other vendors.

I left the event with new commission work and special orders, and even new business for our guesthouse in Charlottesville.

So, I was incredibly pleased with the professional success of the event. On top of that, I had the most fun that I’ve had in the five years I’ve been going. As is true every year, I thoroughly enjoyed the music.

I’m grateful that the memorial ceremony had the highest attendance I’ve ever seen, and was very touching. The last image of the weekend for me was seeing hundreds of candles floating on the lake at dusk.

Campout is the women’s land in Central Virginia where the event took place. It’s such a pleasant sanctuary for a woman to relax and share the company of friends.

I encourage my women friends to consider coming next year!


Virginia Women’s Music Festival

This weekend is my 5th year at the Virginia Women’s Music Festival. The last two years, this has been the only event I’ve gone to.

VA Women’s Music Festival at Campout

There’s really good music by talented women. It’s a fun-loving spirit all around. There’s good conversations, new friends every year.  Good food. I feel well taken-care of by the organizers. The Memorial Day ceremony is very touching. And women love my art – I like that!

Flame at Music Fest 2013

This year is the first time I’ll be bringing my new jewelry. I’ve been hard at work the last few weeks, creating new pieces. I’m still learning – it’s a brand-new medium for me.

Blank Pendant

Painted pieces

Resin protects them

And expect to see some new friends, as well!

Red Dragon Hatchling


I hope to see you there. If you can’t make it, look for my new designs to be showing up soon at Cville Arts.