The Dragon Collection

I have been slowly exploring the world of dragons, following a winding path suggested by the colors of the Chakras (a recurring theme in my work). I visit each dragon at its cusp of being – its becoming. Each is born into a very different world

Birthday-Green Dragon.
The dragon theme began in 2006 with Birthday, a Green dragon hatching into a fantasy landscape -inside the golden shell, a cold water world. I like to imagine this moment happening somewhere deep in the Blue Ridge on a clear winter day.

My Dragon Art has developed as I’ve gone along, creating a more metallic background, and exploring new worlds. Many of these pieces have been commissioned, and the ones that weren’t often sold before they ever reached our galleries thanks to our Facebook following!

Red Dragon Dawn
The gestation of a dragon is long. Red Dragon Dawn came 8 years after Birthday. Here I began exploring the background textures, creating metal and gem effects. This dragon begins its life on a rocky sea coast as dawn arrives.

My dragons caught people’s imaginations, and suddenly I had two commissioned dragons. A third came along the same year, and was spoken for before it was finished, by someone following its development on my facebook page.

The only “cool” image in this clutch of hatchings, Blue Dragon comes to this life on an open sea, with three moons rising.
Yellow Dragon is born to a new island, it’s molten addition spilling into a moonlit sea.
Perhaps Yellow’s twin? Orange Dragon is born into a very similar world. The lava seems to flow into the water and become her tail.
Once again, a more serene world opens up in Red Dragon Moon.
Currently our most recent hatchling, Violet Dragon arrived in 2018, to a setting sun.